EACR and CancerTools.org sign a strategic partnership to accelerate cancer research and drive innovation

Published date:
February 7 2022

London, UK: CancerTools.org, the research tools arm of Cancer Research UK (CRUK), today announced a new partnership with the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), with a shared mission to accelerate cancer research discoveries. EACR is the first professional membership organization to join the global cancer research tools collaborative led by CancerTools.org and CRUK.

The partnership with EACR is designed to facilitate the success of this collaborative by reaching out to their membership of more than 10,000 cancer researchers to contribute research tools developed in their laboratories, so that other scientists globally can quickly benefit from them in their work. Progress in cancer research has always been dependent on the generosity and willingness of scientists to make their rare and unique materials available to their colleagues to confirm new results in the peer-review process and prevent ‘reinventing the wheel’ to recreate existing resources. CancerTools.org is the first non-profit programme to unite the entire global cancer research community in this important Mission.

As part of this partnership, CancerTools.org will develop a co-marketing collaboration plan with EACR to benefit its membership to contribute and further develop the existing compendium of research tools. At the same time, the members will be able to access thousands of unique and innovative tools that already have been contributed by researchers from over 175 university partners on six continents at the www.cancertools.org website.

Jane Smith, CEO of EACR commented “By partnering with CancerTools.org, we will create new opportunities for our members by promoting the concept of contributing research tools to advance cancer research. This is an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of Cancer Research UK-led CancerTools.org and the EACR to expand the portfolio of research tools and make them quickly and easily accessible to cancer scientists worldwide”.

Bob Bondaryk, Global Head, Research Tools, at CRUK remarked “Partnering with the prestigious pan-European organization EACR is a major milestone for CancerTools.org. Together we can work towards our shared mission of accelerating cancer research and drive innovation within this space. As a collaborative, we can reach out to the membership of EACR and provide them with the only non-profit platform to effortlessly contribute their tools and make an impact in oncology research”.

CancerTools.org offers cancer scientists a resource to contribute their research tools including antibodies, cell lines, organoids, experimental models, etc. and foster collaboration. Through this and various other partnerships, CancerTools.org aims to further reinforce its role as the leading non-profit global research tools collaborative in accelerating cancer research.

Notes to editors

About CancerTools.org

CancerTools.org, the research tools arm of CRUK, is a non-profit, global community of cancer researchers, academic institutes and societies, with a shared mission to accelerate cancer research discoveries.

In this collaborative, researchers contribute research tools and share knowledge to deepen our understanding of cancer, and drive innovation within cancer research.

About EACR

The European Association for Cancer Research is a global community of cancer researchers with more than 10,000 members in 100+ countries. Membership is open to anyone working in or studying cancer research and members work across the full spectrum of the field, from basic through to translational and clinical research. The EACR offers collaboration, funding and networking opportunities and organises a full calendar of cancer research conferences.

About CRUK

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. It invests more than £400 million annually into cancer research through funding schemes, conferences, initiatives, resources, and a UK-wide network of research infrastructure across basic, translational, clinical and population research.