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Do you have an idea or a discovery with commercial potential? Are you interested in working with industry? Our team can help develop your most promising projects into tools, tests and treatments for people affected by cancer.

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Research translation

Take your discoveries from the lab and turn them into tests, treatments and interventions. We're here to help you unlock the clinical and commercial potential of your research.

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Therapeutic innovation

Access our drug discovery engines, cutting-edge technology platforms, network of world-class scientists and clinical experts, and funding to accelerate the discovery and development of new therapeutics from your research.

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Entrepreneurial programmes

We're inspiring a generation of scientific entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world impact. Our training programmes, initiatives and events help you translate your innovations.

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New ventures

Build a startup focused on tackling cancer and secure investment through our extensive investor network.

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Data Innovation Awards

A programme to support Cancer Research UK-funded researchers with projects that have generated, or may generate, data of significant translational potential. This award provides funding to enable better management, storage, curation and sharing of Cancer Research-UK funded data.

Contact us

We're here to discuss your ideas and provide advice and support on next steps. It's never too early to engage with us - get in touch with your Regional Translation Lead.

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Alessia Errico

Alessia Errico

Associate Director, Search & Evaluation and Entrepreneurial Programmes Lead

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Monica Ganan

Monica Ganan

Regional Translation Lead (London)

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Central & South

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Martyn Bottomley

Regional Translation Lead (Central & South)

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Tommy Rennison

Regional Translation Lead (North)

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