IBIS software incorporating the Tyrer Cuzick model

We are offering the IBIS software incorporating the Tyrer-Cuzick risk prediction model to licensees in academic and clinical settings. 


  • The Tyrer Cuzick breast cancer risk prediction model is the world’s foremost algorithmic risk prediction model, used internationally by clinicians to predict breast cancer risk in women. 
  • Utilises simple metrics to determine the 10-year and lifetime likelihood of developing breast cancer
  • Incorporates multiple risk factors including: family history, hormonal factors, benign disease, lifestyle factors, genetic factors (including BRCA), breast density (Volpara and BI-RADS) and SNP scores
  • Available either as a source code version, or as a ready-to-use command line application for retrospective batch analyses
  • Widely validated internationally by academics and clinicians as an accurate statistical model for predicting breast cancer risk.

The opportunity

The Tyrer Cuzick model was developed to address the need for accurate statistical modelling of breast cancer risk in women, looking beyond BRCA genes to identify personal risk factors and their effect on overall risk. It utilises multivariate analysis of questionnaire-based metrics to assess the 10-year and lifetime risk of a woman developing breast cancer.

The statistical model was originally published in 2004 and the resultant software calculator has undergone significant development to incorporate further datasets and approaches to more accurately predict cancer risk. IBIS benefits from national population-based studies from the UK, Swedish and Slovenian population and breast density modelling from both Volpara and Bi-RADS to enhance the accuracy of predictions. IBIS is widely validated in the clinical and academic community.


IBIS team

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