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Here you can find podcasts, video interviews, whitepapers and webinars to learn more about what we do, and how you can work with us.

Cancer Research Horizons: Cancer research at the academic/industry interface

Cancer research at the academic/ industry interface

April 2023

Join Steve Wedge, our Chief Scientific Officer and Mike Waring, our Head of Academic Medicinal Chemistry for this podcast with Drug Discovery World to find out how our Newcastle Drug Discovery  site combines the strength of our enhanced drug discovery with that of our academic network. 



BTD Consulting Alliance Matter Podcast: Cancer Research Horizons - De-Risking Oncology Development

Discover how we are de-risking oncology development

January 2023

Join Julie Little, Associate Director of our Strategic Alliances team, and Steve Wedge, Chief Scientific Officer of our Therapeutic Innovation arm to learn how we are leveraging alliances to bridge the translational gap between basic research and drug developments in the BTD Consulting Alliance Matters podcast.

Learn how our unique position helps us catalyse innovations in oncology, as well as the importance of de-risking drug discovery, and how you can work with us.

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Advances in Drug Discovery and Development

October 26-27 2022

Hear about "Extensive Sequence and Structural Evolution of Inhibitory Antibodies to Arginase2 Enabled by an Unbiased Approach to Affinity Maturation" from Stuart Haynes, our Deputy Laboratory Head at our Antibody Alliance Laboratory. The talk was given as part of Technology Networks' "Advances in Drug Discovery and Development" symposium which took place on October 26-27.

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What makes a good antibody target?

July 5 2022
Hear in our webinar how leading scientists at our Antibody Alliance Laboratory are helping discover breakthrough therapies for cancer. The webinar took place on July 5 2022.


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Cancer immunotherapies landscape: challenges and future

June 29-30 2022

Hear from Sofia Lourenco, our Principal Scientist, how our specialised, thematic alliances enable a deeper deconvolution across the multiple compartments present in the tumour microenvironment. The talk was given as part of Technology Networks' "The Landscape of Cancer Research" symposium which took place on June 29-30 2023.