Cancer Research UK and the Norwegian Cancer Society enter partnership to broaden early-phase trial capabilities and maximise patient benefit

Published date:
March 19 2024

Today, Cancer Research UK and the Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS), two leading cancer research charities announce a new multi-project strategic partnership to maximise the unique drug development capabilities of both countries to benefit people affected by cancer.

Under the international partnership, NCS intends to share funding and expertise to accelerate the development of cancer drug candidates with the team at Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development (CDD). Cancer Research UK’s CDD will be utilising its 30 years of experience in bringing first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutics through clinical development and with NCS’s partnership, will be able to bring more drug candidates to clinical trial stage.

Both parties will have opportunities to identify and nominate potential projects from academia and biotech companies for collaboration and progression to first-in-human studies. 

Potential projects will be evaluated through the CDD’s review process, including both an internal assessment and an external review by its New Agents Committee.* Suitable projects will then be brought into the CDD post-approval for its experienced team to plan, sponsor and run an early-phase clinical trial. Cancer Research UK’s innovation unit, Cancer Research Horizons, will lead on any subsequent later-stage development which may include out-licensing to a suitable third party.

Director of Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development, Dr Lars Erwig, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with the NCS, who will be vital in helping us progress more of the most promising early-stage clinical candidates into first-in-human studies.

“The Centre for Drug Development is the world’s only charity-run drug development facility with a track record of success in bringing through novel therapies suitable for late-stage development.

“With Cancer Research Horizons primed and ready to take forward any successful treatments through commercial partnerships, all parties are excited for this new opportunity to bring more cutting-edge cancer therapies to more patients diagnosed with cancer.

“Collaboration with like-minded organisations such as the NCS is critical to our work. We look forward to seeing how this partnership develops, and which projects will be progressed with the collaboration of our Norwegian collaborators.”

General Secretary  at NCS, Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross said: 

“This is a significant milestone! We have long been concerned that it takes far too long for life-saving innovations to reach patients. Partnering up with Cancer Research UK gives us a unique opportunity to make a real difference.

“This will be a new role for the NCS, but we truly believe that charity-led drug development offers many advantages – especially the fact that we can take on projects that have high potential patient benefit but are too financially risky for the industry, for example in rare cancers. 

“We are incredibly fortunate to have been invited to take part in the success that Cancer Research UK has created at the CDD. Through this collaboration, we as a patient organisation will achieve much more than we could have done on our own. We look forward to developing this partnership further with our shared competence, funding, and core vision of improving the lives of those affected by cancer.”



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