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Whichever way you decide to translate your work, you’ll have to consider an intellectual property strategy to maximise the chance of success. With over 20 years of experience, we can help you decide on the best IP strategy and advise you every step of the way.

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is an intangible asset which is created by the mind.

Applying for IP rights on your work can maximise its impact and attract partners and funding to progress its translation. If you're about to present or disclose your research, think about what you'd want to protect.

At Cancer Research Horizons, we can help you arrange the appropriate IP rights to protect your research. If you think your work might have translational potential, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

What to consider when protecting your IP

Patenting is the most common way to protect IP in life sciences. The 3 things you need to consider for a patent are:

  • Novelty: it must be something new or novel
  • Inventiveness: it needs to be ‘inventive’ or non-obvious to someone skilled in the field
  • Usefulness: it must be something that can be made or used

IP & the translation process

We have technology transfer agreements with most universities that cover how we operate in this space. If we agree to file a patent, we'll cover the cost and support you through the development of your project so it can reach its full potential.

Overview of the translation process


Contact us before you disclose your research

Before you present your research externally, contact us to discuss your work. We'll help you assess whether your research addresses a clinical, translational or market need and review patentability.


Patent filing

You'll contribute to drafting the patent application and review it with us before the patent is filed. Once it has been filed, you can then present your research externally.


Project development

We can support with the development plans for your project and strengthen your patent application by providing the funding and resources needed to do so. 



We'll seek to secure a partner for the project and keep all discussions confidential, all to make sure that we can bring your idea forward to patients who can benefit from it.

Contact us

We're here to provide advice and support on the next steps in translating your research, including protecting your IP. Get in touch with your Regional Translation Lead.

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