Our approach to therapeutic innovation

Hero image of team of scientists collaboratively working

We take pride in our pioneering approach to therapeutic innovation that puts collaboration at the centre.

We embrace the risk of novelty with a confidence borne of world-class biology input, and through strong commercial partnerships, seek to accelerate the development of breakthrough therapeutics.



Our fresh approach to drug discovery

We have designed our organisation with innovation at its heart. Working together with researchers, we identify the next generation of cancer medicines and de-risk them to the point that our partners can progress them to become widely available, approved therapies.

We unite the strengths of academic research with the scale, approaches and governance of industry drug discovery. Our new organisation combines our drug discovery capabilities from across the UK with one mission, one direction, and one goal, working collaboratively with researchers, industry and investors to achieve it.

Our unparalleled nationwide sourcing and evaluation capability, embedded in local academic facilities, offers accessible and wide-ranging support to researchers.

Our model supports a range of translational activities – including single and multi-centre projects, single or multiple asset projects, and consortia and alliance initiatives – across a range of modalities and biological themes. 


Our alliance model

We form alliances, which bring together the best minds from industry and academia. We focus on the development of multi-target alliances around themed areas of biology, to deliver a robust discovery portfolio.

Why work with us

We’re uniquely placed to capitalise on the research and connections of Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest charitable funder of cancer research, and the strong links we’ve established with leading clinical and academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and biotechs worldwide.

By working with us, you will have unparalleled access to world-leading cancer researchers and clinicians and an expanding network of partners. Across all our sites, we offer state-of-the-art capabilities across oncology and drug discovery enabling researchers to validate opportunities.

Central to our model is research autonomy. We celebrate the independence and curiosity of our partners, researchers and their ideas, and want to work closely with you to explore and advance bold new approaches, which test the boundaries of what is possible, without restraints.