Our therapeutic alliance model


We forge alliances with a shared goal: to accelerate the delivery of first-in-class, breakthrough therapies and diagnostics for cancer patients. 

We create long-lasting collaborations across industry to identify and advance novel targets.

Our model

We create themed alliances between academic and industry partners within areas of cancer biology where there's a compelling rationale for clinical relevance and patient selection. 

Our themed approach drives strong partner engagement, teamwork across academia and industry, high-quality target selection and efficiency in drug discovery project prosecution. 

We have an impressive track record in establishing and executing major alliances involving more than 100 researchers and over 20 research institutions.

Our alliances are highly collaborative. We establish alliances by bringing leading researchers and industry partners together in a workshop setting for an in-depth exploration of the science and opportunities within a theme. Once an alliance is formed, we establish a team of researchers with complementary knowledge and skillsets relevant to the alliance theme and manage each according to the needs of its partners.  We also involve researchers on a project-by-project basis.

Our alliance partners

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