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Are you interested in investing in cutting-edge cancer research?

We're looking to grow this to a £30m fund and are seeking investment to match Cancer Research UK's commitment of £15m, to help us to continue to invest in the most innovative cancer science.

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We are keen to engage with philanthropic donors who are able to donate a minimum of £500k over a 5 year period. You will be given regular reports, updates and insights into the developing portfolio to ensure that you remain closely engaged. 

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Cliff Tapp

Cliff Tapp

Senior Philanthropy Lead

[email protected]

Our track record


60+ spinouts and startups 


11 marketed drugs 

£2.3bn +

£2.3bn + raised by our spinout and startups portfolio 


160+ new drugs into early-phase clinical trial

Nick & Annette Razey, inaugural donors to the fund – with our thanks for your important support

The Horizons Seed Fund represents an exciting opportunity for us to support the very best early-stage discovery research through to potentially life-changing benefits for patients, and we’re delighted to be supporting Cancer Research UK with this new venture