Image of Stuart Farrow

Stuart Farrow

Vice President of Biosciences, Cancer Research Horizons

About Stuart

Stuart has worked in a wide range of therapeutic areas and has directed several major translational research initiatives. He has led discovery teams that have generated several clinical candidate molecules and has overseen biology programmes for drugs that have achieved regulatory approval and launch. In his current role, Stuart has been closely involved in the establishment of major drug discovery alliances in cancer immunology between Cancer Research UK and various industry partners.

Before joining Cancer Research Horizons in April 2015, Stuart spent more than 20 years in drug discovery and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry.

Most recently he was based at the University of Manchester, where he directed the establishment of the Manchester Centre for Collaborative Research in Inflammation (MCCIR), a £15M initiative funded by GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and the University of Manchester. He is a past member of the MRC Infection and Immunity Board and has most recently served on the UK R&I COVID-19 immunology advisory committee.