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The Functional Genomics Centre: building a single-cell CRISPR capability

DNA helix string

12 September 2023
The joint AstraZeneca–Cancer Research Horizons Functional Genomics Centre is collaborating with EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute to build its single-cell CRISPR capability. Find out how this technology advances drug discovery through genotype to phenotype correlation.

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Chemistry on steroids: how we developed our expertise in steroid hydroxylation chemistry

Hydrocortisone bound to the glucocorticoid receptor

25 July 2023
Review articles on synthetic chemistry aren’t the usual output of medicinal chemists. Yet a team of Cancer Research Horizons medicinal chemists have come to write a review on the hydroxylation of steroids, detailing discoveries in the beautiful and complicatedly chiral world of steroid chemistry.

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The DETERMINE trial: showcasing Cancer Research UK’s unique position in the pharma industry


19 July 2023
Cancers that are diagnosed in fewer than 6 in 100,000 people each year are considered rare. Taken together, however, they account for 22% of all cancers diagnosed worldwide, more than any single type. Despite this, there are still far fewer treatments available for people with rare cancers. The DETERMINE trial aims to address that. 

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