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Our research network generates a significant amount of cancer data. We're helping to unlock the potential of this data by supporting researchers to improve the utility and accessibility of data, and establish secure, trusted, patient-approved data partnerships.

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OPTIMAM case study

Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise many aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment – but an AI is only as good as the data used to train it. Discover the success we've had to date wit the OPTIMAM case study. 

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The Cancer Tech Accelerator

Along with our partners Capital Enterprise, Roche and MRC we have launched an accelerator programme to support tech-focussed researchers progress their technology and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, offering training and funding to researchers and early-stage companies.

Our new research data strategy is coming soon

Both traditional pharma companies and novel insurgent tech companies are increasing their emphasis on the value of high-quality data in the prevention, detection, and treatment of disease. Cancer Research UK, as the world’s largest non-governmental funder of cancer research, is responsible for the generation of significant amounts of cancer related data and will be shortly releasing a new research data strategy that will outline how we will work to maximise the impact of cancer data generated by our network.

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