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Translating your research means taking it from the lab and transforming it into effective tools, tests and treatments for cancer patients. We're here to help you maximise the potential of your research, whichever route to translation you choose.


How we can help you

There are several key steps to consider when translating your research, all of which we have the expertise to support you with. We'll help you select the best route for your research.

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Identifying your project

Could your research help with the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer? Are you addressing an unmet need for cancer patients? Contact us as soon as possible so we can help frame your idea for translation.

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Protecting your idea

Is your idea novel? You may want to protect your idea to maximise its commercial potential.

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Developing your project

As you progress your project along the translational path you may need additional resources and expertise. Let us help you find additional funding, data and access to translational infrastructure.

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Routes to translation

The financial commitment and scale of investment required to move your project along the translational path can be big.

There are several ways to help with this - licensing, collaborating with industry or creating a startup company for example. Our expert teams will help you navigate this part of your journey.

By translating your research, you'll contribute to fast-tracking more innovative science into patient benefit. To date:


marketed drugs


over 60 startups, raising over £2.3bn of funding to date


we've treated over 500,000 patients with breakthrough treatments borne out of our research


over £500m revenue in royalties and IP which we've reinvested into cancer research

Get in touch

We're here to discuss your ideas with you and provide advice and support on the next steps in translating your research. It's never too early to engage with us - get in touch with your Regional Translation Lead.

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Alessia Errico

Alessia Errico

Associate Director, Search & Evaluation and Entrepreneurial Programmes Lead

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Central & South

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Martyn Bottomley

Regional Translation Lead (Central & South)

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Tommy Rennison

Regional Translation Lead (North)

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