Our expertise

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We harness the full potential of the exciting cancer research happening globally by translating cutting-edge innovations into tools, treatments and diagnostics for cancer patients.

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Therapeutic innovation

We bring together the best minds in therapeutic discovery to embrace bold thinking, brave decision making and commercial rigour, to accelerate the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

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Research translation

We support our research community to unlock the clinical and commercial potential of their research.

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We hold the rights to numerous oncology-focused projects available for licensing or collaboration.

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Entrepreneurial programmes

We want to inspire the next generation of scientific entrepreneurs, so we provide our researchers with training and support that will help them to build a business.

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New ventures

We support researchers to build startups focused on tackling cancer and help them secure investment through our extensive investor network.

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Research tools

Our research tools arm, CancerTools.org, is a non-profit, global community of cancer researchers, academic institutes and societies, with a shared mission to accelerate cancer research discoveries. In this collaborative, researchers contribute research tools and share knowledge to deepen our understanding of cancer, and drive innovation within cancer research.