Routes to translation

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Everyone's journey to translation is different and you can take multiple routes. Our expert teams can guide you through each option.

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Licensing & collaboration

Collaborations enable you to access a greater breadth of resources to commercially develop your project. They're essential for moving your project along the translational path.

Granting a licence to a commercial partner is one of the most common routes to translation.

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We'll help you create startup companies to advance your projects in a focused and innovative environment.

To date, we've supported the formation of over 60 startups.


Drug discovery alliances

Depending on the stage of your project, we can support you to develop it further through our therapeutic capabilities and funding.

We form drug discovery alliances with academia and industry around certain themes in oncology. This combines the strengths of academic research and industry capabilities, driving efficiency in drug discovery and accelerating the development of new therapeutics.

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Equip yourself with skills and knowledge to translate your research

Connect to a network of like-minded people and find advice and support when you need it through our entrepreneurial programmes.

Get in touch

We're here to provide advice and support on the next steps in translating your research. Get in touch with your Regional Translation Lead.

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Alessia Errico

Alessia Errico

Associate Director, Search & Evaluation and Entrepreneurial Programmes Lead

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Monica Ganan

Monica Ganan

Regional Translation Lead (London)

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Central & South

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Martyn Bottomley

Regional Translation Lead (Central & South)

[email protected]


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Tommy Rennison

Regional Translation Lead (North)

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