Set up and build your startup

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We identify and build investible startup propositions and help them secure investment. 

How we help founders

We support you at every step of your journey.

Identify and evaluate the opportunity

We help evaluate your idea and give you advice and support on the best way to progress it. 

Build a business case 

We help shape the business proposition. We'll:

  • conduct IP due diligence
  • identify key value propositions and competitive advantage over existing technologies
  • give you access to advice from our expert and investor networks

Secure funding 

We help founders to access funds through the Cancer Research Horizons Seed Fund and through a wide network of partner seed and series A investors on a global scale. 

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Form a company

Once all pre-formation stages are complete, we'll help you set up your company, advising on all parts of the incorporation process. 

Our entrepreneurial programmes

We're inspiring a generation of scientific entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world impact. Our entrepreneurial programmes include training, accelerator programmes and events. These programmes are targeted at early-career researchers, but they're open to all, regardless of career stage.  

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Access investment

Access pre-seed and seed investment for your startup through the Cancer Research Horizons Seed Fund.

We're here to support you

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Tanya Moore

Investment Principal, Ventures

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